Resep Bumbu Masak Mie Ayam Solo Food

Resep Bumbu Masak Mie Ayam

Materials - materials:

1 / 2 kg chicken noodles (ready to be purchased in the market)

Oil 100 ml chicken

100 ml salt-Style

300 gr boiled chicken meat and cut the box

3 tbsp sweet-Style

2 tbsp ingris-Style

Stem leaves 2 onions dirajang

Caisin, penyedap onion and fry secukupnya.

Ingredients needed:

3 cloves Bawang putih

5 fruit Onion

1 tsp coriander

3 cm Kunyit

3 cm Ginger

4 grains Candlenut

Materials to make stock:

2 liters of water

1 / 2 kg chicken dislocated

1 tsp Salt

1 / 2 tsp Pepper powder

How to create:

Stock: boiled water until boiling, enter the chicken bones, boiled with a small flame until fragrant broth heavily. Add pepper powder and salt.

Tumis flavor of mashed until fragrant and cooked, enter the chicken, spices tumis to absorb into the chicken, add penyedap, tumis moment, lift, sisihkan.

Enter the chicken 2 tbsp oil in a bowl, 1 / 4 tsp penyedap.

Boil the noodles and the caisin has dirajang until cooked, lift and place it in the bowl that was filled with spices, enter the chicken 2 tbsp.

Taburkan onion leaves and fry the onion has dirajang.


Key delights chicken noodles in the oil ayamnya.

How to make: take the skin and lemaknya chicken, heat the pan over a small fire, add 2 cloves garlic digeprak, heat until all the oil out of the chicken skin and fat, the oil is ready for use.
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