1. Chopped beef 1 1 / 4 lb
2. Chicken chopped 1 1 / 4 lb. (for a more solid like Baso)
3. 2 egg white grains (eggs, shake and do not forget the spoon given ¼ vinegar, so that does not smell rancid Baso)
4. Flour starch, takarannya tailored to the taste, because there is a feeling like the taste of meat Baso with a stronger tepungnya about 3-4 tbs, or there is also a term like Baso village, with tepungnya measure about 1 1 / 4 - 1 1 / 2 cup, so basonya feels spongy.
5. 2 tsp salt
6. White pepper powder 1 tsp
7. Fresh garlic cloves mashed 1
8. Bumbu the Baso (Accord, made in Thailand can be obtained at the Asian Grocery) about 3 grams

How to create:
1. When you want a smooth texture that Baso, beef and chicken again grinding the food processor until smooth. Baso turvy want the texture is rather coarse / Baso no grinding grain again. So although we do not have food processorpun we can still make a lawful Baso.
2. Mix all ingredients, and then poke through the dull, with the can hands, or if the mixer has a dough also can be confused with the tool, if somewhat hard adonannya, Mix a little water.
3. Boil a pot of water, after boiling, lower apinya, enter Baso dough that is dipulung, if already baso float, this was ready. Dinginkan and can store in the freezer.
Baso water to stew, not discarded, this dressing can be mixed to baso
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