Resep Bumbu Nasi Kuning Indonesian Food

Cuisine food recipe makes a tasty yellow rice, delicious, tasty, nutritious and delicious:

Resep Bumbu Nasi Kuning Indonesian Food
Yellow Rice Recipe Ingredients:
1. Rice = 1 kg
2. Beras Ketan = 1 oz
3. Rough-skinned citrus leaf = 2 pieces
4. Water = grated turmeric secukupnya
6. Mesoyi = 1 finger joint
7. Rice yellow spice that is so ready and secukupnya =
8. Coconut milk = 1 grain
9. Garem = secukupnya according your taste

Guide How to Make Yellow Rice Recipes:
1. Cooked rice yellow rice as usual but use water arinya coconut milk with other spices.
2. Before entering wait coconut rice boiling oil issue.
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